Ease Painting & Construction is capable of handling industrial and marine painting projects of any size or scope in any part of the country. Our industrial painting crews are among the best trained and most experienced in the nation. Regardless of the industrial services you need, we are the professionals that get the job done. Our nationwide services include cleaning services, surface preparation and the painting of any industrial building, structure or warehouse. 


Our extensive industrial and marine painting experience means our customers benefit from using a leading nationwide contractor that can handle any unforeseen situation that may arise during the painting of your industrial buildings. Our crews have seen it all and rise to the occasion every time. Ease Painting & Construction is the leading nationwide contractor that delivers outstanding quality at competitive pricing.


Ease's marine painting experience includes but is not limited to: Preservation of ballast tanks, double bottom tanks, cargo holds, hilo decks, main decks, weather decks, house, fantail, ramps and bilges. Application of epoxy broadcast system to various decking, application of military spec epoxy coating systems to tanks, application of non-skid decking.  Cleaning of vessel sewage tanks, ballast tanks and bilge.