Lead Removal 

Ease Painting & Construction can provide the full scope of services to support any lead removal project, including abatement, encapsulation, containment, removal, and disposal. 


Our highly trained staff consists of the most technically trained professionals in the business. No matter what size of job, Ease can successfully test and remove any lead based paints, coatings, and lead bearing components with a variety of techniques, such as:


  • Mechanical lead paint removal--brushes, scrapers

  • Abrasive blasting paint removal

  • Chemical stripping paint and coating removal

  • Decontamination of lead dust with HEPA vacuum

  • Abrasive blasting of tanks and exterior structures

  • Disposal of lead contaminated soil according to EPA regulations

  • Removal and replacement of lead bearing components

  • Enclosure with a durable substance

  • Encapsulation with a lead barrier compound